The Worth Of Your Donation

With only $100 (UGX 240,000) of your support, Better HAG Uganda can conduct a multifaceted community outreach with the following sub activities.

  • Public educational talk on a selected health topic
  • Provide free HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) services reaching a minimum of 250 people (C/B Analysis: $0.4 for one client)
  • 10 Focus Group Discussions
  • 5 dialogues on a given advocacy issue

With $100 (UGX 240,000), you can provide scholastic materials such as books, pens, geometry sets for 50 orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) and more;

  • Given $12, you can save that school going OVC from hunger by meeting his/her food dues for a full term.
  • With $40, you can support an OVC with annual tuition fees in lower secondary

With $500 (1,200,000) you can help establish an income generating project for initial 10 marginalized/disadvantaged women and girls in a bid to foster their economic independence.

  • Benefits from such a venture can be revolving and have a multiplier effect as, over time, more women and girls are incorporated into or form another group to benefit the same way. This way, you will have given them power to demand their rights.

We wish to unreservedly thank the generosity of our dear donors: past, present and future without whose support, we would not be what we are today. You are part of a network of people who donate their time, money and resources to the humanitarian work of Better HAG Uganda. We thank them for their support and we are privileged to put their compassion into action.
In the same spirit, we want to encourage new donors to support our programs. Every single dollar, pound, dirham, rupee, shilling; name it; is as important to us as you would spend it your self. Kindly support our humanitarian cause. We pledge maximum cooperation as we seek a world of BETTER HEALTH.


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